Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My antenna farm....so far

          Thought i would post some pics of my antenna setup to date.
My steadily growing collection of antennas

A closer view with the wx sat just out of shot
         From left to right : 1) The ADSB collinear (top)
                                     2) The OCF Windom (bottom)
                                     3) Sat dish
                                     4) Station Master (top)
                                     5) Discone (mid left)
                                     6) Air band Dipole
                                     7) UHF Collinear (top)
                                     8) and 9) 2 x longwires covering NTH/STH and EST/WST
                                    10) WX Sat Turnstile
                                    11) The antenna hanging down from the longwire (second from the right) is an experimental helically wound HF vertical contained in a 2 meter length of conduit (left over from the coxial collinear build) i made last weekend. The premise was to make a portable antenna with a decent electrical length that would not get tangled or bent/broken for when i go camping. I installed a hook in the top so it could easily be mounted. In this case, hanging from a wire. The results are on a par with the longwire which is better than i expected so far, but more about that in a later post.


  1. Nice photos of your growing antenna farm mate, very impressive.

    1. Cheers mate. i am spending more on masts than antennas these days lol.