Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Leson TW232 and Turner +3b

These two desk microphones would be the best and most well known CB Radio microphones ever made, and are still sought after today. I am fortunate that I own a fine working example of each.

I purchased both from Ebay and while the Turner was at expected price, $90 plus postage, I got the Leson for a bargain at $30 plus postage. The Turner is in excellent condition with very few signs of it's age, and I prefer this mic for the slightly better audio quality reports I receive. The Leson is a quality mic too and works perfectly, although it has some scratches and wear marks. The audio is classic Leson with that slightly tinnie sound, and can be picked on air easily by other operators. As with nearly all Leson's, the battery door is missing as they were flimsy and broke easy. The battery fit is snug, but does tend to fall out when the mic is moved, so a bit of blue tack keeps the battery in place nicely.

If you can get hold of one of these two classic mic's, you wont be disappointed and will add some class and nostalgia to your station. Check to make sure the lock down switch is there if your looking at a Leson, as they tended to break with a heavy handed user.

Mick 361.


  1. Jeez that leson takes me back mate. Anyone who had a half decent setup had a leson. Never saw a Turner though (maybe if you lived in Glen waverley or Toorak..LOL). Tried to get a good leson a few years back but couldn't find one that hadn't been messed with so ended up with the Electrphone MC512A.

  2. Yeah I had a cheap Vicom desk mic back in the 70's, could never afford either of these. Nice to finally own some classic gear, better late than never.