Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My 3 Point approach to tracking local aircraft

                    I thought i would quickly show how i'm able to track aircraft in southern airspace. I now have Plane Plotter and ADSBscope set up properly so i'm able to get information from both ACARS and ADSB and plot them on maps.
                    Firstly and most basically i can hear air traffic conversations:
voice transmission on SDR#
                    Second, Plane Plotter takes data from ACARS transmissions, logs and plots them on local maps (which are a pain in backside to implement). However, because aircraft are moving so fast, it isn't always possible to receive locations consistently.
message content
location data showing some locations missing
plotted onto local map
                    Third (to cover data gap in ACARS) i use ADSBscope which is VERY dependable in the amount, range and frequency of data sent.
ADSBscope showing data missing from ACARS
                    So when i sit down in front of the pc and laptop, it's a great feeling to know i have all the bases covered. I never thought "plane spotting" would be of any interest to me, but with the right tools, i always have something to do when HF conditions aren't great.


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