Monday, 15 July 2013

Following ships via GMDSS

         Here's a short demonstration of how i can follow ships using their HF GMDSS signls. I initially use 3 programs (linked via com port) and in this case we are following the MOL KOMATI:

1) HDSDR to receive the signal via my Soft66LC4:
HDSR showing the GMDSS signal (1st on the left)
2) Patrick Lindeckers MultiPSK to decode the signal and send it to:
3) Mike Simpsons GMDSS Display program:

GMDSS showing vessels and details

           I would say that 99% of vessels out there do not send their position details due to many reasons, security being the main one. However, GMDSS Display has a function whereby pressing the ships code opens a Marine webpage showing not only the vessels details and pictures but also its current position and track:

Marine MOL KOMATI details

MOL KOMATI's position and track

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