Saturday, 20 April 2013

Base Station 27mhz


This is my home CB set up. A Cobra 142GTL-A, matched with a Turner +3B desk mic, real old school stuff. The Cobra was a cheap pick up for me last year, and works surprisingly well for a 35 year old radio. It's has nice clear receive and all reports on TX are good. It's on frequency and very stable with no warm up required. The only minor issue was the meter lights were not working, so I bought some blue LED's and put them behind the meters. The Turner mic cost me more than the radio, but a good investment and I get great audio reports with it. There are some Cobra 142's brought in from the USA that aren't 240 volt, so worth checking if your considering to purchase one. The 'A' in 142GTL-A shows it to be a unit designed for Australia and have a 240 volt transformer. They can also run on 12 volts and have a standard 3 pin jack on the back. Nice radio and really enjoy using it.
Mick 361.

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  1. AAAH yes! The radio we ALL wish we had back in the day (and many still She looks great and the blue really stands out. An improvement over the original IMHO. Thanks mate.