Thursday, 22 November 2012

New Antenna Aquisition

      I must have been a very good boy this year because Santa has ordered me a brand spanking new  OCF/Windom Dipole! These antennas are the perfect multiband application for HF, (provided you have the necessary 132 ft/44m room) covering the 80m to 6m bands. It can be set up in a sloper configuration or as an inverted V, but i will stick with the bog standard flat top to start off with.
     Now all i have to do is figure out where to string it up. These things generally take upwards of  2 weeks to get here from the "states", so i have plenty of time to come up with a plan of attack.


  1. How did you go with the installation mate?

  2. It's going to get tricky. The masts i have are 22ft long, so i need at least another 15ft on top of that per mast to take full advantage of the OCF Windoms wave characteristics. So...i am thinking about an insert. But it must be strong enough to support the antenna and will have to be guyed. It will be worth the effort and i hope to have it done before Christmas (this year)!!!!

  3. sounds like you have a fair job ahead, well worth it as you said. thanks for clarifying which christmas and best of luck with the project.